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Dr. Chad Frandsen earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has a love for people and is excited to see how he can help you find relief from painful health challenges.


I grew up in Sandy, Utah. My wife Jamie and I were married in 2007. We love being parents to our two little boys James and Andrew. I grew up playing the violin and viola. I got my undergraduate degree from BYU in Music Education and taught high school orchestra for several years. My wife and I enjoy playing in community orchestras together.

My Story. . . Why I Became A NUCCA Doc

My name is Chad Frandsen. I grew up near Salt Lake City, Utah in a family with six kids. As a young child my parents taught me that dedication and hard work are the keys to having a successful life. When I was six years old my parents bought me a violin and I started taking lessons. Although there were many occasions when hanging out with friends would have been more fun than practicing, my mom let me know that she was only willing to pay for lessons if I was willing to practice. Learning the violin taught me that success comes at a cost; it takes time, patience, perseverance, and vision.

The values and work ethic I developed as a young boy have helped me accomplish many other goals in my life. At age fourteen I earned my Eagle Scout Award, and went on to earn almost eighty merit badges. When I was nineteen I volunteered two years of my life to serve an LDS mission in Taiwan. While in Taiwan I learned to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and enjoyed the opportunities I had to serve the people there.

A few months before I was scheduled to return home I became very ill and developed chronic insomnia. After discussing my options with my mission president I decided to return to the US to seek medical attention. I went to many doctors who suggested various medications, but no one could tell me exactly what was wrong and how I could restore my health. Then I found NUCCA.


After my first NUCCA spinal correction with Dr. Jack Stockwell, I felt an immediate change. It felt as if my whole body had relaxed and shifted into a new position. I felt lighter and taller as I walked out of the office. When I arrived home I went to bed . . . and didn’t wake up for 12 solid hours! NUCCA had my attention.

I was soon able to heal and return to full missionary service. After my mission I attended Rick’s College on a music scholarship, earning associates degrees in both Music and Chinese. I went on to Brigham Young University on a viola scholarship and graduated with a B.M. in Music Education. I enjoyed working as a high school orchestra teacher for four years at Orem High School and Lakeridge Jr. High.

During my years of college and in teaching music, I had continued success with NUCCA corrections. If I had a stiff neck from practicing long hours on the violin, a NUCCA correction did the trick. If I developed numbness in my arms and fingers as a result of long hours in the orchestra pit playing for operas, a NUCCA correction took care of it. After being rear-ended in a car accident, I sought relief from my NUCCA doctor. When I took a nasty spill on the ski slopes, a NUCCA correction took my headache away and put me right back in alignment.

Although music continued to be one of my passions, I began to feel a greater purpose in an aspiration to become a NUCCA chiropractor. I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2008 eager to learn and anxious to earn my degree. During my time at Palmer I put every bit as much dedication into my studying as I did in my practicing. I was known for studying for tests weeks in advance, making mountains of flash cards, and earning high marks in my classes. As a result of my reputation as a dedicated student, I was voted in as Class Representative on the Student Council, and later as Student Body Vice President. I was one of two students in my class selected for the Vogt Leadership Scholarship, and enjoyed serving on the Vogt Leadership Society.

After graduating from Palmer, I worked as an associate doctor at the Nevada Spine Institute with Dr. Robert Goodman in Henderson, Nevada. I now own and run my own practice, Wasatch Spinal Care. I love going to work each day. NUCCA care changed my life and it is a joy to share this remarkable form of health care with the patients in my office.

Life is too short to live in pain. I look forward to helping you regain your peace of mind and quality of life!

Nutritional Counselor – Dr. Kayleen Fuller

Wasatch Spinal Care is pleased to announce the addition of Kayleen Fuller, Ph.D. to our office. Because we want to be certain our patients continue to receive the best possible care, Dr. Fuller has joined our team as a professional nutritional councilor and health coach.

Dr. Fuller is extremely skilled in the field of nutritional counseling and has a passion for helping people improve their quality of life. She believes nutrition plays a powerful role in reliving stress, chronic pain, and other challenging health conditions of the body and mind. Dr. Fuller helps her patients understand the importance and significance of excellent nutrition, and its effect on the human body. She coaches patients in making healthier dietary choices, as well as recommending a variety of whole food supplements and natural herbs to remedy specific health challenges.

Dr. Kayleen Fuller has a doctorate’s degree from Brigham Young University in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Neuropsychology. She has worked as an experienced clinician in hospitals, clinics, and private practice all over the Salt Lake Valley. Dr. Fuller believes that the mind and body work together as a team, and that both the mind and the body depend on adequate nutrition to function properly. She has learned firsthand through her own health challenges that while medications may be necessary to treat some conditions, nutrition plays a critical role in the healing processes of the body.

If you are interested in learning more about nutrition and its powerful effects on the human body and mind, please call our office at:  (801) 508-2996