I feel amazing! Dr. Frandsen is great! I’ve had immediate improvements. My right eye had been blurry for 2 years, but it’s clear now! I can move my right arm and I’m no longer using my cane to walk around! I would recommend Dr. Frandsen to anyone!


"I had pain just about everywhere in my body and was seeing a traditional chiropractor, but my pain was getting much worse after a month of seeing him, so I decided to see Dr. Frandsen. After my first visit I gradually started to feel much better. By the third day I felt normal! It is hard to believe such a gentle adjustment could make such a big difference. I am excited to see what will happen over the next few weeks. I do know one thing for sure, I will never go back to a traditional chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Frandsen, you are a miracle worker!"


“I was having some neck & shoulder pain, but I also noticed in my daily running that I was running on the outside edge of my foot. It would get sore after a 15 mile run. A few days after my adjustment (I let it “settle” before jumping back into a run regimen) I realized just before the end of my run that my foot wasn’t sore & without consciously trying I was running on my whole foot, not just the edge.”



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