An automobile accident is the most common way to get injured. It can negatively affect your life in an instant. Whiplash and other strain/sprain injuries can cause long lasting or permanent injury to the spine if not treated correctly. Getting proper treatment is vital to ensuring a speedy recovery, and future quality of life!

Treatment Options:

Urgent Care / Emergency Room: If you were severely injured this is the best place to start! They will find and document any major injuries like head trauma, vertebral fracture, disc herniations, etc.

Chiropractic / NUCCA: NUCCA is one of the best ways to help with a speedy recovery. Whiplash and other injuries associated with automobile accidents are very detrimental to the spine causing postural distortion, and body balance issues. The purpose of NUCCA is to restore body balance with a very gentle correction of the upper neck. This correction takes tension off the nervous system and allows muscles throughout the body to relax.